Charting Your Course For Individual

Charting Your Course is our signature program designed to help individuals in work and life transitions find suitable options. This program recognises the fact that no one cap can fit everyone. We all have to chart our own course by mapping our skills, abilities, passion, life experiences, interests, personality and values to create a business or career that works for us in a constantly changing economy. We work with the following individuals:
  • High school students preparing for college, to help them decide the right course of study
  • Fresh graduates preparing to enter the world of work, to identify a suitable career
  • Stay at home mothers planning to re-launch their careers, to discover workable options
  • Redundant staff or retirees desirous of remaining active, to assess their skills and discover suitable options
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs, to create suitable business ventures
Whichever category you belong to, this program will equip you to discover and select the option that is right for you, set goals and decide on an action plan for implementing the goals. The overall objective of this program is to facilitate smooth transition, personal success and life satisfaction as well as contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. TALK TO US TODAY!

Charting Your Course For Organizations

If you are an Organization that is currently

  • Undergoing changes or restructuring
  • Merging or Acquiring a business
  • Downsizing or laying of staff

This program will help you identify, articulate and bring to life your new vision and value proposition.

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