By promo(ng mental wellbeing in the workplace, we are crea(ng psychologically safe workplaces, where individuals and systems are managed in ways that guarantee sustained produc(vity and performance. Building a culture of organiza(onal wellbeing, need not be a cumbersome process. Here are five easy steps that you can begin with as a leader in your organiza(on.


The 5 Rs of fostering a wellbeing culture:

  1. Reach out and have conversa>ons: A good place to begin is to ins(tute a culture of kindness by ini(a(ng wellbeing conversa(ons. Ask people the basic ques(ons: “how are you today? “how are things going? Don’t we ask these ques(ons at home? Why do managers believe that they must switch off empathy and kindness once they enter the work environment? 
  2. Recognize signs of stress: Recognise the signs of stress in both individuals and teams. For individuals, look out for mood swings, sudden withdrawal, increased or exaggerated or abnormal emo(onal reac(ons (laughing, crying), itchiness or nervousness, more (me off work or they start to come in late. For teams: you may no(ce more complaints and arguments amongst team members, sickness absences, impact on produc(vity and performance, higher staff turnover, breakdown of rela(onships or bullying.
  3. Respond to what you have recognized: If you observe that someone is experiencing stress or other mental health issues like burnout or anxiety, encourage them to talk to someone or do something about it. Do not ignore what you have observed.
  4. Reflect on the ac>ons taken: Monitor and review the ac(ons you have taken. Consider how effec(ve they are and if not, try something else. Look at your data and metrics:
  5. Rou>ne: Make it a rou(ne of asking these ques(ons. It makes talking about how people feel normal. And before long a culture is built around that. 

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