Personality Assessments

Enhance self-awareness and realize your potential as an individual with our assessment and development tools. Self-awareness is an essential starting point in any career development process. Research indicates that a good understanding of self enhances personal and professional effectiveness leading to success in the workplace and life in general.

Our psychometric tools cover a wide range of abilities, traits, strengths, values, motivators and interests. They are also available for organizational recruitment, selection, development and succession planning. Extensive research, conducted over many years, has consistently demonstrated that 10-30% of the variance in job performance is attributable to personality differences. Moreover, a person’s potential for burnout, their trainability and subsequent job satisfaction have been shown to be strongly influenced by their personality. Thus personality assessment forms a central part of our career management and training programs

Our Tools

Personality Type profile

Helps you to understand your personality and potential

Career Lead Profile

Helps you identify your interests, motivators and skills and match them to a suitable career

Personality Profile

Provides insight into how you typically think, feel and interact in ways that may be productive or counterproductive for personal or professional success

Strengths Profile

Identifies your personalized strengths/talents as well as what makes you stand out from others

Emotional Intelligence profile

Equips you to turn your personality into effective behavior

Interpersonal Interaction assessment

Helps you access your interpersonal behavior in three areas, namely: inclusion, control and openness

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