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We Offer

  • Personalized Career Coaching & Consultation
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Career Seminars
  • Employability Training
  • Personality Assessments
  • Post Retirement Consultations
  • Redundancy Clinics
  • Career Life Transition Counseling
  • Personal Development Plans


We Offer

  • Leadership development
  • Executive assessment
  • Team building
  • Corporate wellness program
  • Career And life transition workshops
  • Redundancy clinics for laid-off staff


We have access to the following tools

  • Personality Type profile
  • Personality Profile 
  • Emotional Intelligence profile
  • Career Leader Profile
  • Strengths Profile
  • Interpersonal Interaction assessment

Our programs

CHARTING YOUR COURSE (For individuals)

Charting Your Course is our signature program designed to help individuals in work and life transitions find suitable options. This program recognises the fact that no one cap can fit everyone. We all have to chart our own course by mapping our skills, abilities, passion, life experiences, interests, personality and values to create a business or career that works for us in a constantly changing economy.

CHARTING YOUR COURSE (For Organizations)

If you are an organization that is currently

  • Undergoing changes or restructuring
  • Merging or Acquiring a business
  • Downsizing or laying of staff

This program will help you identify, articulate and bring to life your new vision and value proposition.

Our areas of expertise

Personal Effectiveness

Career Management

Leadership Development

Personal Branding

Team Development

Corporate Wellbeing Retreats

Workforce Productivity

Work-life Balance

Emotional Intelligence

Business Solutions

What We Offer

We adopt an ‘active learning approach’ that maximizes learner involvement. Research shows that about 90% of trainers do not create a strategy for the transfer of training.  As a result, less than 25% of knowledge acquired during training is transferred to the workplace. Skilfully designed experiential activities can powerfully motivate behaviour change in ways that invariably enhance human performance. We incorporate a variety of instructional activities and actionable strategies that increase knowledge, impact skills and ensure transfer back to the workplace. Our customized approach to training affords our clients the opportunity to focus on their unique challenges. All our solutions are evidence based and are facilitated by the use of psychometrics. We provide post training continuous evaluation to ensure desired behavioural changes and Return on Investment.  This is the unique value that we offer.

The skills of an organization’s workforce are critical for performance, innovation and growth. Contemporary work environments, with their increased complexity and pace of change, require key human ability skills such as emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, self-awareness and critical thinking. We provide solutions in these areas and beyond. Our clients include corporate organizations, small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, Government agencies, religious organizations and other charities.


Our programs are designed to help you develop your greatest potential

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