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WORKLIFE SOLUTIONS LTD is a People Development and Training organization focused on helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve sustainable peak performance through innovative and transformational training solutions.

   As experienced Psychologists, we have a clear understanding of what is required to make people more efficient in a constantly changing business environment. We believe that people are an organization’s greatest resource and if well engaged and motivated, they can become its competitive advantage.

Using a 3-pronged cutting-edge approach, we unlock human potential, build capacity and enable behavioural change. By focusing on emotions and attitudes, we go beyond training to engaging and motivating. We develop the skillset as well as the mindset, because both are essential for sustainable performance outcomes. 

Our Vision

Be recognized as a global human capital development brand, providing innovative and transformational solutions for organizational and Societal impact.



We are passionate about the work we do. People development is our purpose. We therefore go beyond just delivering service to inspiring and making a difference.


We adopt a scientific and an evidence-based approach of what works, in delivering our services.


Irrespective of our extensive clientele base, we recognize that no one cap can fit every organization. We offer customized solutions for individual organizational challenges.

Our areas of expertise

Personal Effectiveness

Career Management

Leadership Development

Personal Branding

Team Development

Corporate Wellbeing Retreats

Workforce Productivity

Work-life Balance

Emotional Intelligence

Business Solutions

What We Offer

We adopt an ‘active learning approach’ that maximizes learner involvement. Research shows that about 90% of trainers do not create a strategy for the transfer of training.  As a result, less than 25% of knowledge acquired during training is transferred to the workplace. Skilfully designed experiential activities can powerfully motivate behaviour change in ways that invariably enhance human performance. We incorporate a variety of instructional activities and actionable strategies that increase knowledge, impact skills and ensure transfer back to the workplace. Our customized approach to training affords our clients the opportunity to focus on their unique challenges. All our solutions are evidence based and are facilitated by the use of psychometrics. We provide post training continuous evaluation to ensure desired behavioural changes and Return on Investment.  This is the unique value that we offer.

The skills of an organization’s workforce are critical for performance, innovation and growth. Contemporary work environments, with their increased complexity and pace of change, require key human ability skills such as emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, self-awareness and critical thinking. We provide solutions in these areas and beyond. Our clients include corporate organizations, small businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, Government agencies, religious organizations and other charities.


Our programs are designed to help you develop your greatest potential

How We Work


  • We offer Bespoke training programs for individual organizations. These are usually preceded by a gap analysis and are designed to develop capabilities or proffer solutions to challenges of the organization alone. Our customized programs take place at the preferred location of the client.
  • These are pre-scheduled courses that take place outside of your company premises and provide opportunities for professionals across diverse organizations to interact and share insights.
  • Webinars and on-line courses available for small or large groups, affording you the opportunity to learn from any location and with a diverse audience.


We are here


Phone: +2348155525555

Email: info@worklifesolutionsng.com






  • Select a topic / topics that suits your individual or organizational requirement from our list of solutions and contact us with your request.
  • The dates and venue of delivery are discussed in consultation with you and can be tailored to your specific organizational need.
  • Our standard contract indicating terms of engagement would be sent to you.
  • All our training solutions are delivered in locations that guarantee a stimulating learning experience. Sessions are designed to practical, fun, engaging and interactive. They are delivered by a pool of consultants who are authorities in the various fields.
  • Webinars on select topics are available for participants already registered for our trainings. Links for joining will be sent to participants.


  1. Special Discounts:
    1. Group discounts of up to 7.5 % available for companies sponsoring 20 or more participants for the same course.
  2. Cancellation policy are as follows
    1. Cancel 14 days before training to receive full refund
    2. Cancel 7 days before training to receive 50% refund

Cancellations within 48hours of training event receives no refund


  1. Web: www.worklifesolutionsng.com

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